Update time : 2019-07-30 08:44:38
In skin care products, many oil skinning sisters do not like face cream very much. I think the cream is too heavy and too greasy, but it will be closed for oily pox skin. On the contrary, dried skin likes the texture of cream best and moisturizes the dry skin.
In fact, a lot of cream have introduced a refreshing texture suitable for oil pox muscles, while the lock water is moisturizing and refreshing, not greasy, and the use is excellent.
Oil pox muscles must pay attention to the following points when choosing cream.

First, moisturizing.
Moisturizing and locking water is the most basic function of the cream. The cream can form a protective layer on the surface of the skin, lock the moisture absorbed by the skin, and provide nutrition for the skin.

Second, Refreshing and not suffocating acne
The texture of the cream is also important. The oil pox muscle can use a refreshing texture to maintain a comfortable feeling of use.

Third, It's better to have anti-inflammatory ingredients.
Many cream is also rich in anti-inflammatory ingredients against oil pox muscles, which can stabilize the skin condition.


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